Body Language

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female body languageAs well as the obvious visual and verbal communication faculties we possess, there are also non-verbal signs and signals that we display and transmit to one another that can be read by anyone with the skill and knowledge to do so.

One way of extending our own natural non-verbal communicative capabilities is to create additional visual impact by wearing tattoos on our skin and jewelry on various parts of our bodies through piercings.

There are so many other ways of doing this, from the clothes we wear to the accessories we add to our clothing (like hats, caps, gloves, neckties, scarves, accoutrements like bangles, necklaces, brooches, cufflinks, lapel pins.

The list could go on a very long time, but I'm pretty sure your get the idea.

Instinctive Communication

Long before our ancestral humans developed speech and language, they still needed to communicate to each other.

It may have been to give a warning of danger, an invitation to share food, a warning to stay away or a prelude to the process of attracting a mate.

These unspoken signals were read and understood by all instinctively without any need for training or education. The good news is that instinctive behaviour has been carried through the generations to modern times and it is a skill we all possess and use all of the time.

The bad news is that few of us are actually able to read and decipher the bulk of these signals. That's not to say that we are complete failures at this.

Men generally tend to be relatively blind to unspoken body language, especially those signals transmitted by women that are showing an interest in getting to know a guy better. On the other hand, women are particularly receptive to decoding a man's unspoken body language signals and knowing if he's interested or not.

It Can Be Decoded

As most women are able to decode many of these unspoken or non-verbal signals and are especially good at decoding those displayed by men they're attracted to, they have most guys at a disadvantage.male body language

Even so, there are still many women that are not as good at decoding those signals as they could be.

Fortunately, this is an aspect of human communication that can be learned and understood to varying degrees; depending on how deeply a person wants to go down that rabbit hole.

While most women can decode the non-verbal signals of a man they're interested in, there's always more to learn that can turn her into a real ninja at deciphering the intentions of a man she spots across the room.

Men too, can learn how to work out what a woman is not saying to them but yelling at them silently from across that same room. The advantages of this knowledge are, I think, quite obvious!

There is a wealth of information covering this topic available to read online as well as some top rated tuition video courses by experts in the field of human psychology and non-verbal communication. You only need to go look for it to find it.

Just to be helpful, I have created several in-depth pieces and published them right here to save you some cyber leg work. I can also recommend some of the best tuition courses that are currently available if you really want to up your game and make this into a real project or serious hobby.

Don't laugh... plenty of people actually make this a must-do subject of further education. When you think about it, how many other subjects are quite as useful and fun to do?

Can You Learn to Read Body Language?

Yes you can! The great news is that even those of us that are presently completely unaware of what this ancestral form of unspoken communication is or how to recognize and understand it, it is a skill that can be taught and learned.

It just so happens that a lot of that information, understanding and knowledge is available to be discovered right here in the informative articles published on this website. To see more, click on one of the titles printed below under "Read More":