Flirting with Women

For single heterosexual men, flirting with women is a big part of life, driven by their natural biological needs as well as by the desire to find a suitable mate.

Many guys want to learn how to flirt with women without appearing sleazy and creepy. If you're keen to know how to get a woman to want you without trying too hard, you may find some good tips here.

Let's take some examples of the kind of behavior that a man can display when he speaks to women. These tips will help you make a great first impression when you talk to women.

Attract Women Using Body Language

flirting with womenWomen can find it a bit creepy when men make eye contact with them without blinking.

You can avoid making this common error when flirting with women. Instead, focus on eye contact.

You should avoid staring at women and instead focus on one area with an intense, unblinking stare.

Instead of focusing on one area of a woman and concentrating in tight, you can attract women to you by having a relaxed, soft gaze that allows you more of her in.

Smile with your eyes to make eye contact with women charming and inviting.

The same way you feel when you laugh really hard, the same thing you want to experience when you make eye contact with a woman that you have never met is smiling.

This will make the girl want to meet you.

How to Speak to a Woman You Don't Know

A guy who is totally unaware of social norms and rules can be a problem for women.

This kind of guy might make it difficult for her to get along with him down the line, and she won't be interested in his dating. When approaching women, make sure to not creep them out by showing that you understand social norms even if they don't apply to you.

Meeting women during the day isn't something that many men consider normal. Many guys are too anxious to approach a girl in public, on the subway, at the grocery store, etc.

In situations like these, it is helpful to show that you are aware that striking up a conversation with someone you don't know at the end of the day is not the norm.

It can be useful to approach a girl during the day by opening the conversation by saying something like,

"I know this sounds strange, but I just wanted you to meet me."

This shows you are able to understand the situation, and that you can be confident enough to not give a damn if you do.

What Women Desire in a Man

A major desire for women is for a man who is honest, real and doesn't put on an act. A guy who appears fake can also make women feel uncomfortable about him.

This is because his words and actions don't reflect who he really is or what he feels. Women are attracted to men who do the opposite and show integrity.

Showing integrity is as simple as standing by your thoughts/opinions/feelings -however, many guys slip up here. Many men believe that you must agree with every word she says to win a woman's affection.

This is not true.

If a man is afraid to disagree, it shows insecurity, neediness and lack of integrity. You can make yourself more attractive to women by being strong and willing to disagree with her.

This shows that you aren't looking for approval and that you have confidence in women.

Here's an example to show women the integrity they find attractive:

If you like Schwarzenegger movies, but the girl you are interested in likes his movies too much or her friends think he's stupid, don't try to backtrack and say that you don't like them.

Stand up for yourself and smile.

It's a chance to have some fun with the girl and engage in playful banter. You might respond with something like,

"What!" Don't you like Schwarzenegger movies? This is it. I don't want to be married.

You can keep your beach house, but I want my boat. You have never used it …"

Summing Up

When flirting with women, try to be as natural as possible. Instead of trying to create a persona that is not really you, just be yourself.

Women go for guys who at least appear to be honest, reliable and kind. A sense of humor is a given, because a woman likes a guy to make her laugh.

Bottom line is to just be genuine and don't try too hard or come across as being needy. That will scare her away for sure!