How to Get a Woman to Want You

Discover how to get a woman to want you sexually and emotionally by using powerful verbal and non-verbal triggers that you can learn easily and use effectively.

You may be surprised to learn that awakening a woman's sexual desire is easy when you know how.

Yet a huge percentage of guys simply do not know how!

If that's you and you're eager to learn how you can change from being like most of your friends who suck at getting women to desire them sexually and be a babe magnet that can get any girl he wants to want YOU in bed with HER, this article is for you!

Leave Nothing to Chance

how to get a woman to want youFor most heterosexual guys who love flirting with women, this is serious business here. You do NOT want to leave anything to chance.


Because if you screw up, you lose face; dent your ego and destroy your confidence. All in one big very public and very personal brush off!

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Make Women Approach You

Let's go for it!

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Even knowing the best way to flirt with a woman won't get you where you want with her unless her desire for you has been fired up because you knew how to make her want you.

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The Do It Yourself Alternative

However, I didn't write this article just to make fun of guys who really want to hook up with a great woman. You know, like the one you're really into but you just haven't made the first move yet.

It's here to give you some useful tips on how you can at least go in there with a fighting chance of coming away with a contented smile, a phone number or even a first date arranged.

However, I'm just not able to share the really deep, effective secrets revealed in the above course. You need to invest in that one to get ALL the best info!

This is especially so if you are like many guys and simply lack confidence in yourself or don't possess that magical ability to attract women that some lucky guys just seem to have. Let's start with the root cause of missed opportunity afflicting many men:


This is a personality trait that some have and others don't: at least that's the way it seems to those that don't.

The truth is we're all born with the same level of confidence. It just gets knocked down during childhood in many people and then takes a long time to regain.

There are some things that can have a very definite positive effect on a person's level of confidence, no matter what that may be. One of these is a combination of information and understanding.

You can gain information anywhere: libraries, media, talking with peers, attending tuition classes, taking mail order or online courses, or by researching on the Internet. They are all sources of information.

However, unless you are able to understand the information you have acquired, it is not really much use to you aside from giving you something else to talk about when you're in the company of friends. You need to get in deep with that information and really absorb it in your mind and truly understand what it is and what it means and how it can be useful to you.

Once you do that and then apply it in a real-life situation, your confidence will soar!

The Application of Information

For example, assuming you are a man, if you were to be shown a technique you can use that will not just attract a woman to you but make her really want you physically, you'd certainly feel more confident to go out and give it a shot.

The problem is just being shown something doesn't necessarily make you an expert at using it, especially if you don't understand how and why it works.

You could take this technique and try it on the first attractive woman you set eyes on and fluff it completely (and probably end up getting your face slapped)! That is if you didn't really understand what you were doing.

Yet if you DID understand the technique; as in how and why it works, you could use it with confidence and hit the jackpot every time!

How is it Done?

OK, I've been leading you around a little. But it's important that you understand what it is that you need to understand before you go and blindly use the information I'm about to give you.

I can't show you the exact technique that is revealed in the video at the foot of this page, because it's not mine to share. You'll have to pick up the course if you want that!

What I can tell you is this. You need to learn about a woman's body language signs before you can start working with ninja tricks to get a hot babe into bed with you!

I'll give you an overview in the next few paragraphs. But if you want the information in more depth, I have written a separate article explaining it all in detail.

The Signals Hidden in Plain Sight

There are several unspoken physical signals and gestures a woman will exhibit for you if she's interested in you.

Collectively, these signs are called female body language. You need to observe and absorb to see them, but with a little practice, you'll soon be reading the code like a pro.

Body Positioning

When she has noticed you and unconsciously decided she likes you, she will angle her body to face you directly. That includes her torso, shoulders and feet as well as her head. Her arms will hang loose or be engaged in some preening.

Flirting Gestures

That preening will involve touching, flicking or generally fiddling with her hair. She may not touch her face in case she messes up her makeup, or she may suddenly decide to apply some more lipstick or check herself in a compact mirror.


The eyes are windows to our souls and her eyes will be fixed on yours, even at a distance. She may flutter her eyelashes to make herself as appealing as possible and if you're close enough to spot it, her pupils will be dilated.


She may blush a little or a lot depending on her own confidence level and she will smile at you. Make sure you smile back!

What's Next?

If she is displaying some or all of these points, you should get closer keeping your body relaxed and easy. Keep smiling and keep eye contact without staring or glaring (try to keep it as subtle as you can). You want to make her feel at ease and send your own signals that you are non-threatening.

Oh yeah, remember to open your mouth and say hi!

She will respond and you can start up a light conversation introducing yourselves and starting the process of getting to know one another. When she's talking, keep your mouth shut and listen attentively.

Don't interrupt her if at all possible and wait until she gives you the opening to speak. When you do, keep it brief, light and honest. Let her do most of the talking and avoid looking bored or looking away while she's speaking (she'll think you're losing interest).

When in the conversation stage, the idea is to show her you are interested in her and what she has to say (even if most of it is just gossip about her home life or whatever). If you can say things that make her laugh, all the better!

The only real "Don't" at this stage is to try to get too heavy or serious. Do not make physical contact with her, but if she touches your arm or hand, you can get away with lightly touching her arm or hand back.

If you can get to the point where she is happy to give you her number and is still giving you plenty of eye contact and smiles, you can ask if she would like to meet up later for a date. Let her choose what she would like to do, or give her a few suggestions and see which she goes for.

Congratulations, you have crossed the first hurdle.

If you want to know how to cross the finish line, you'll need to know what really turns a woman on sexually.

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